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Why natural treats and chews?

Did you know that giving your dog treats isn’t just for when they're good, it can be for their health, too? While it's important to not over-indulge your pet and ensure they are in the best of shape, treats can be a very important part of their diet and routine.

Here are some ways treats can benefit your dog:

  • Add extra nutrition & healthy supplements to your pet's diet

  • Be used as part of training and as a positive reward for good behaviour

  • Long-lasting chew treats can help relieve boredom and reduce destructive behaviour

  • Dental treats and gnaws can promote healthy teeth and provide oral care

  • Dogs love treats, and we love giving them! .

At Gilberts we have put our treats into these categories:

  • Treat Boxes these offer great variety and choice - these are all natural full of flavour to give to your dog just because.

  • Training treats, suitable for use in training environments, and generally smaller in size and and easily breakable for smaller pieces

  • Chews- these are our classics favourites like pigs ears, lambs tails, roes deer legs etc.... these are typically longer lasting.

  • Dental treats ( these are included in our boxes and as individual chews , to help improve teeth and gums well as help reduce bad breath, tartar and plaque

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