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The Best Treats for Dogs with Missing Teeth

Even with the best dental care, some dogs are just prone to dental disease, and unfortunately this leads to extractions.

As well as widespread issues with their breathing, joints and spines, a 2021 study by the Royal Veterinary College found flat faced - brachycephalic - breeds such as the Pug and French Bulldog have 1.25 times the risk of developing dental disease when compared to breeds with a medium length skull.

Whilst the bones in the face - and available gumline - have shortened the teeth remain the same size. This leads to physical overcrowding of the mouth, as well as being harder for the owner to brush them. When there isn’t enough room for all the teeth, they may have to be removed.

At the other end of the nose length scale, the same study also revealed greyhounds also have an increased risk of developing dental disease. This may be as a result of the diet fed whilst they are racing - or it could be related to the shape of the skull. Further studies are needed to pin-point this - but the result is the same - greyhounds quite often have teeth removed!

Whatever the cause, many dogs do lose some of their teeth in their lifetimes. After the gums have healed, many owners are concerned about finding an alternative chew to protect their remaining teeth but that won’t irritate the gums.

Here are our top 5 products for toothless dogs:

1. Puffed Pig Snouts - completely bone free and naturally soft, puffed pig snouts are ideal for dogs with missing teeth.

2. Puffed Jerky - continuing with the puffed theme, puffed jerky is soft and airy, but lower fat than pig snouts.

3. Puffed Chicken Feet - these are a longer lasting chew than the previous suggestions, but are still soft on the mouth.

4. Gourmet Sticks - No matter what your dogs favourite flavour - we are sure to have a stick to suit them! The pure range is also ideal for dogs with allergies.

5. Dried Sprats - this bite size fish offers a quick, tasty treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes, teeth or not!

No matter what your dog’s dental or dietary requirements - we are sure to have a treat for them!

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