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New treats and chews added to our range- here are a few - check out the shop for more!!!

Lamb head Skin (we have fur and furless options)

We have added lamb skin knots -: All our Lamb head skin is 100% Natural and contains no additives or preservatives, Lamb products are becoming a popular choice for dog owners because they are low in fat compared to beef and buffalo and packed with protein and essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay fit and healthy, a great alternative to Rawhide chews. Natural doesn'€™t always mean greasy and smelly, these are completely grease-free and have almost no smell at all.

Beef Testicles

Beef Testicle Dog Treats are increasingly popular among dog owners who prefer natural, safe and healthy chews for their pets. These unique treats provide a lot of benefits for dogs. Since they are pure beef, they are a natural single source of protein and 100% digestible. Dogs love the rich flavour and crunchy texture. The Testicles are considered to be a species-appropriate chew low in fat and high in protein. In addition, they provide a healthy alternative to processed meat treats and is a must for any dog lover wanting the best for their beloved four-legged family members.

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