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Our Story

The reason we started our little business was our boys - Gilbert the Cavalier King Charles, Gilbert is the fussiest dog I know, finding anything he liked was a challenge ( he wouldn’t touch anything “shop brought” ) and would turn his nose up at everything and then Stanley our whippet pup, Stanley is a doggie hoover and will eat anything in sight but has a terribly sensitive tummy- both these reasons lead us to much research and we found natural dog treats and haven’t ever gone back, Gilbert is now enjoying his treats his favorites being - crispy duck skin, duck feet and his absolute fav is a cow hoof but doesn’t do fur, Stanley is now in his element and can enjoy all his treats -and I mean everything but now with no tummy consequences. It has become our passion to give our dogs the best. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Not only do we love our dogs but the environment all of our packaging is fully biodegradable. 

Our treats are carefully selected by our executive taste tester Gilbert and his apprentice Stanley, and we cater for sensitive tummies, we believe all dogs are different so please let us know in the comments if your dog has any dietary requirements and we will build your bespoke box. We want to add a personal touch for our customers, so please let us know if your dog is a small, medium or large breed so we can pick our treats to suit their size also let us know if they are a puppy. 

Thank you

Jamie & Elaine

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